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United States
Konichiwa! My name is Lottie. Welcome to my page!!! I hope you enjoy yourself and maybe we can be friends, no? Please feel free to give any comments, criticism, or recommendations. Have a nice day!

Current Residence: in your swimming pool
deviantWEAR sizing preference: no.
Print preference: no.
Favourite genre of music: swedish techno
Favourite photographer: no.
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: ?
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: ???um... conch?
Wallpaper of choice: blue?
Skin of choice: my own, thanks.
Favourite cartoon character: demyyyyyyyx
Personal Quote: "i feel like a squirrel!"
Interests… 7:54 Nicholas Cage winking is the most tear-jerking and unfathomably miraculous intercepts of this film. The singular closure of his left eye triggers a reset button on our universe. It causes every mistake on the timeline to be erased completely, without any pain or suffering—because he already experienced that in order to be forgiven for HIS wrong-doings, and he will not make us go through the same 8 years of waiting. Instead, he will re-create the world. From the creases next to his tear duct his skin will provide passage to a single droplet of pure water that will stream down his overly stubbled chin and onto the rocky mass that would be the Earth. The droplet would form streams, rivers, lakes, oceans-- and erode the dry mass of rock into soil. He would let out a cry of, "Put the bunny back in the box." And it would be so. The plates on the Earth would collide, break, and reform in less than a second, in order to fulfill his request as quickly as possible. They would form mountain ranges to create a box for the bunny, and would welcome it when The Cage was to place it, ever so gently, into the box that would be so brutally formed. Soon, The Cage would be reunited with his loving wife and his longed for daughter—Casey. He would hold out the bunny to her, and apologize for it's small amount of dirt. Casey would take the bunny—understanding that the bunny meant more than just material possession, but it meant that her father would go through anything to make her happy. And that understanding—through the exchange of the bunny—would bring life to the planet. From Casey's tears of happiness would carry seeds to create plant-like creatures of all sorts. The mother would provide the same, and allow animals to come from the earth as well, including us humans. The twinkles in The Cage's two open, squinting eyes would multiply and form the stars we see as we look into the night sky today. Some of the stars would drift down and inhabit the lucky species that now rules the planet Earth—Man.
Yes, you and I are blessed to have the twinkle of Nicholas Cage's eye to live within us—to BE US. For us to be it. It is indeed a beautiful occurrence. And it shall occur again, for the wonderful thing about Nicholas Cage is:
He has been recorded on film.
And you can always press replay.
  • Watching: Con Air
  • Eating: Soper Slime Pies
  • Drinking: Mountian Dew/ Faygo

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Biology 1 Mr. Hlavac

Look up answers to the following on the pages indicated:

1. What is “biology”? p. 4

2. Read page 13 and 14, regarding the nature of scientific inquiry. Be sure you understand that science relies on the testing of possible explanations for what we observe in the world around us. Scientific inquiry doesn’t necessarily result in “proof” or “fact”.

3. Could a hypothesis be disproved by a single experiment, but still be of value? Read “Testing Hypotheses” on p. 14 carefully.

4. If you’ve heard that a hypothesis can be called an “educated guess”, realize that this is different than saying science relies on guesses. Better ways to define hypothesis: a proposed answer to a scientific question, or a proposed explanation for a set of observations. P. 14

5. This is not in your text, but recall the lesson in class about the experiments related to “spontaneous generation”, where people believed living things could emerge from non-living material. We also covered the studies that led to development of the cell theory. In both cases we learned that scientists published the results of their work for others to read. Think about why scientists publish their results. Is it just to become “famous”?

6. Homeostasis, one more time. What is it? P.9

7. Know all about the three different types of microscopes we’ve discussed. P. 19-20

8. Another one not in your book – remember the “Rule of 10” on the pH scale. For each whole increment change on the scale, like 8.5 to 9.5, there is a 10 times difference in strength of the solution. Now, in what direction on the scale do bases become stronger? And the acids? P. 43
9. Define compound and molecule. How do they differ? P. 37, 39

10. What is the most abundant compound in your body? P. 40

11. Know the difference between the terms solute, solvent, and solution, and remember that mixtures are a physical combination of substances. P. 42

12. Regarding the organic “molecules of life”, which ones are the main source of energy for living things? Which are also a source of energy and make up cell membranes? Which ones are the most diverse, with many roles in many functions? P. 45-47

13. What does the cell theory state? P.71. To what does it apply? P. 70 (special hint – check out the first sentence on p. 70.)

14. Reasons the nucleus is so important to cells? Also, familiarize yourself with the structure of the nucleus, especially its outer covering. P. 75

15. In which organelle are food molecules broken down for energy? P. 77

16. What does the Golgi apparatus do? P. 76

17. How do plant and animal cells differ in structure? P. 74

18. Functions of the cytoskeleton? P. 73-74

19. Functions of the cell membrane? (This is the only test question actually from Sect. 3.3, but we’ve talked so much about the cell membrane you will be expected to know this). P.81

20. Functions and structural aspects of the cell wall? In what types of cells would a wall be present? P. 79

21. Differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? P. 72

22. What structures assemble amino acids into polypeptides and proteins? Where are these structures made? Where can they be found in the cell? P.76

And that’s it. Bring this study guide on the day of the test, fully completed, for a bit of extra credit!
Leia2222 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2011
You have Hetalia songs on your ipod right? If you do can you tell me where you got them please.
demyxdasitarplayer Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
Hetalia songs on youtube, download links 38D
Leia2222 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
Are you sure? I can't find it at all.
demyxdasitarplayer Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
However, it's been a long time since I looked them up, so they may have been removed. ._.
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